Since 2000, Karen Irving is a self-taught Multi-Media artist who paints from her own and personal story of transformation.  She likes to say she’s lived the lives of 10 people and has plenty of experiences to inspire her artwork.

Karen’s career was that of a Project Manager and Software Trainer, Karen spent the greater part of her career working in technology and in the healthcare fields in Vancouver, BC.  Now Karen enjoys teaching “The Business of Art” to artists at all levels and mentoring emerging artists just starting off in their practice-most important do’s.

Her artwork, both in oils, acrylics and mixed media are a living testament of blending textures, layers, shading, and contrast using bold/rich colours to evoke strong emotion and connection from those who explore her journey.  Her use of vibrant colours is inspired by her days working as a Chief Purser on a Caribbean Cruise Line in the West Indies.

Balancing shapes and texture to express the sensations she feels to create a visual landscape of her interior language of expression.  Karen loves to explore the interplay of elements and often combines objects to her work to create a visual relationship and artful expression that transcends emotion.

Karen believes that much of her artwork parallels her life philosophy that the true beauty of art lies in the imperfections of life.  Karen’s art has energy; transformational and movement (dancing. The subjects she chooses to paint are a glimpse in time of her life’s accounts that gives true meaning to resilience, thought-provoking, and emotional journeys.

Karen’s Nova Scotian values set her apart from other artists. She grew up in Halifax, and even after 22 years in Vancouver, BC, she still holds that deep sense of community inside her, thus why she decided to move back home in Fall of 2000.  Karen continues to paint and explores the world from a new lens.  Since August 2020, she is excited about what the future holds for her art, her business and her new community in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

From being an Art Gallery Board Member at Large, to Collective Member of 5 years, to Project Managing Festivals and Writing Grants, Facilitating Workshops, Karen industry art experiences are extensive – Please be in touch if you want to know more or discuss opportunities.

Email: and/or Call: 604-738-2699

For more information on Karen’s Art Career, click on Karen Irving’s Art Resume